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AquaTune System Installation Overview 60MPG. Was 29MPG.

Unsolicited video sent in from an AquaTune customer who says "Installation overview of 2014 AquaTune System. I installed the AquaTune System onto my 2000 Toyota Echo. Now averaging just over 60mpg. Was 29mpg. The AquaTune System was very easy to install. Special Thanks To AquaTune For Making A Great Product."



80% Less Fuel with AquaTune Fuel System

Unsolicited video sent in from an AquaTune customer testing his 09 Honda CRV, all wheel drive, 2.4L V-Tec engine. The customer road tests the system and increases his fuel economy to 49 mpg on a vehicle rated at 27 mpg.



Water Fuel Technology For Everyone

The AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System is distinctly different than the over 200 year old approach to Hydrogen and Oxygen production from the water molecule via Electrolysis. Customer submitted video.


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"Water Car" Put To The Test
by KVBC Channel 3 Las Vegas

"At $2.50 a gallon, gas prices may be lower, but they're definitely not cheap. So the Saving You Money Team is at it again, testing a device that one company guarantees will improve your mileage by 25 percent.

It's much cheaper and easier to get than oil and gas. The secret ingredient? Water! Believe it or not, something safe enough to drink has enough firepower to boost your mileage."

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Hydrogen Production

Here is a video demonstrating the hydrogen production of our submerged generator.


AquaTune Hydrogen Processor May Be Key to Improving the Efficiency
of the Quincy City Vehicles Click the image for a full sized scan of the article.

Aquatune Fuel System added to City Vehicles.

Helping Protect And Serve
Billerica Police take a spin with AquaTune in their police cruisers.
Read more of the departments experience and reactions in the complete article.
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NET-Journals Aquatune review.
Success with Aqua Tune from Texas (translated from German)

The experience of a user: 30% more power, 25% more kilometers (miles)

In November December edition (2005) of Net-Journals we informed about a seminar hold in Zürich which central theme was: producing electricity and fuel by yourself. There we found a comment about the hydrogen module of Aqua Tune in Texas. A reader had ordered it in the United States and had installed it in his car and.. look there: it worked!

“It really holds its promise”
Reader Ilya Koopmans from Blaricum, Holland writes:
as I read in Net-Journal about the existence of a hydrogen-module from a firm called Aqua Tune from Texas,USA, I was firmly decided to buy such a device, but even so, it took me a while to be completely convinced to do so.

At the beginning of 2007 I finally took the decision. After ordering the simple version I received it five days later. It was a complete set, with mounting instructions that were exactly fitting my type of car, as they send to every client. Mounting and connecting it to my car, a Lada 2105 with Vaz motor K6, 1,5L was easy. I lost more time finding a place for the two Liter water container, because I tried to find the shortest way for the flexible tubes.

Now I can really tell: it holds its promise! 30% more power, the revolutions stay equal, so I obtain more torque , that means: 25% more kilometers with the same quantity of fuel.

Some drivers would just have to stop or to move aside when noticing that a nearly 20 year old Lada is passing them with say 140 or 145 km per hour! They would just not believe it.
The car didn't show this capacity before. The device also works for fuel injection engines.
I understand that AquaTune now has a distributor for Europe. Look on the Distributor page of the web site www.aquatune.com.

For car or boat engines
We,the editors of Net-Journal are purely and simply overwhelmed by the fact, that active readers collect the informations we transmit in order to have them save money and then even order the devices we suggest to them!

This device is a water injection system that hits water and air ultrasonically before going to the engine where it is atomized and collides with the fuel molecules. This makes combustion about 30% more efficient and pollutants in the exhaust valve are reduced. The result is that you can drive 25% more kilometers with your fuel. The amount of distilled water needed in a separate tank is about the thirtieth part of fuel quantity. If external temperature is low we recommend a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.

July/August 2007 Year 12 magazine number 7/8

Aquatune article in DSport Magazine.

Aquatune Article in DSport Magazine.

Aquatune at SEMA Auto Show, November 1-4, 2011.

Close-up of the Aquatune display.

Aquatune at the Car Show in the Boston, Mass. area. Photo compliments of our customer.

This is a '67 Camaro convertible with 47,000 original miles. Sweet Machine!
This vehicle has the Aqua ThrustPlus unit on it.. Photo compliments of our customer.