What's In Your Aquatune Kit

This unit is a 60% hydrogen production and 40% water injection system. It is a cold-air intake system. It is an energy producing intercooler. It is a "hydrogen-on-demand" at its finest. It never needs to have stored hydrogen because it is produced as you drive. Never needs to be re-program the computer or alter any of the computer sensors. Never needs re-adjustment after the installation. It removes the need for soot recovery systems. Drastically extends oil life. Lowers crank case pressures. Lowers turbo temps. Removes turbo lag. Increases horsepower by up to 30%. Increases fuel economy by 15-30%. Drastically lowers NOX emissions. Removes black soot smoke. Drastically increases engine life. The Warranty on this unit is either 5 years or 500,00 miles or 10,000 hours, whichever comes first.

NOTE: This unit cannot be installed on any diesel vehicle, generator or marina applications that have had modifications to the EGR system or computer alterations. No Exceptions!

All installs are done ONLY by a qualified and authorized facility. No Exceptions! This is for both within the US and out-of-country distributor/installers. All mobile installers also need to be qualified and authorized. - How the AquaTune D Unit Works

Aquathrust Plus HB In Dsport Magazine

We have some real world Installation Photos and Before and After DYNO reports for the diesel unit installed on an '08 Volvo, engine D13. See the vast improvement in both fuel economy and horsepower -click here.

Letter From Detroit Diesel

Please read the letter from Detroit Diesel Corporation. NOTE: We carry Product Liability Insurance in the amount of $500,000.00 per incident. You can be fully confident in having our diesel unit installed on your truck. click here to read.